There may be some of you out there (especially those drawn to the organic oatmealiness of “country living” magazine) who harbour the notion that a crafters studio is a haven of ordered chaos. Something like this: a cherished but simple bees waxed table with an ordered arrangement of buttons in shiny gingham topped jars, an open oak cupboard with neatly stacked bolts of colour coded fabric and a modest wooden stool. Of course one mustn’t forget the muslin curtains gently rippling in the breeze or the terracotta pot of emerging hyacinths. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Now get this picture…


Yeh! I’m sorry to break it to you folks but Mogwaii makes mess…big mess.The only distressed piece of furniture in my studio is me when the pressures on and right now IT’S ON.

I’ve been feeling a certain rebelliousness as I sew the umpteenth tweedie. I want to leave the daisy ribbon hanging from an eye. I want to leave threads uncut and stuff Clarris with hay, I want to put a hens leg on a sheeps body and vice versa, I want to make them with chastity belts, gun holsters and laiderhosen…but I just keep trimming the threads and the daisy ribbon and rebelling only in mind.

At least I can have an art exhibition of conceptual crafts and scatter torn and tattered tweedies upon pristine white plinths. But that’s not really an option for your average sweatshop worker. I wonder whether they have rebellious thoughts too, I bet they do. Maybe the pair of jeans I’m wearing has been visualized wrapped tightly around the bosses neck or cropped into hot pants.

I’m going to show you a picture now of the Mogwaii post bus…

Good thing it wasn't raining.
No expense spaired in this business.

xx Sarah

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Born: 13th March 1969 in Edinburgh Star sign: Pisces Where do I live? An beautiful island called Lismore Who with? I live with my gorgeous man - Yorick, and my beautiful boys Ruben (currently 14) and Tom (10) and we also have cat poppy, cat Bashy and cat Spyro. What do I do there? Water veggies in the polytunnel, loads of mopping up, picking up clothes, cooking and washing dishes. The rest of the time I'm in a blissfull state in my studio making things out of wool and designing the next must have (in my head!) and a lot of cycling to and fro My favourite Books: Right now...empowerment books like "The power of now" and "The Secret", but also John Fowles "The Magus" and "The kite runner" and I love the "Tao of Poo" My Favourite films: Babettes feast, Wings of desire and The colour of Pomegranites. My favourite music: Bach cello suites for designing, Dolly parton for making (especially her album Little Sparrow), Teddy Thompson and loads of other stuff! What did I do before moving to Lismore? * Went to school in Edinburgh (South Morningside primary then St. Mary's music school and then George Watson's) * Went to Brazil for a year, fell in love, learnt Portuguese and spun a lot of wool * Studied foundation in visual arts in Manchester poly and then went on to study BA Hons in textiles at Goldsmith's college * Made felt hats, sold them at Camden market and then eventualy Liberties and had Ruben in the midst of it all - moved to Pathhead * Tom came along and I stopped making hats. sung lots of Jazz, taught Brazilian and samba singing, recorded an album and started singing with La Boum * Tom went to school and I set up Mogwaii * Moved here in 2006 There you go!! xx Sarah (from left) Ruben, me and Tom (from left) Ruben, me and Tom

8 replies on “Mogwaii mess

  1. Well, as a fellow crafter Sarah I can say that your studio is far more like mine than the CL ones BUT I do have my moments (usually when too busy to do so) where I create this haven which lasts for precisey an hour before descending backinto chaos! Procrastination, eh? Love your blog for its honesty xx

  2. I now have Isobel working with me… and what a difference. Isobel used to be a primary school teacher back in the days that rural teachers could do what they liked and she seems to have spent her days baking and making with her young charges. The great thing is that she is used to tidying up after small mesy people and now I find that my workroom has a floor and that the snipped threads that used to trail about after me are all in the bin.
    She may be inwardly screaming though
    J x

  3. Tee Hee, this made me laugh loads, and cheered me up to know that I am not the only messy crafter, at the moment I don’t think you can see my floor for fabric!
    Also I’d love to see a mutated tweedie 🙂

  4. Hahaha! I think you should make rebellious tweedies just to get it out! You’ll feel better once they all have gun holsters and chastity belts. This is always how my “studio” (a corner in my living room/kitchen) looks! Though I did just get boxes for my fabric instead of paper bags! Haha! You’ll be ok. Life would be boring if it weren’t messy and crazy sometimes right?

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