on a day like this! I tried, I really tried to get some work done, but all I had to show for it at the end of the day was 4 honesty cushion fronts.

“Not enough!” says Calvin, my inner imp, who sits on my shoulder and cracks the metaphorical whip.

Still, I did have the excuse of a small, bored child and my good friend Colette who had a hankering for brambles. So at about 2.30 we closed shop and sauntered up the hill.

Tom levitating conckers
Tom beckoning conckers
Tom and Colette can't resist a flutter in the old fire engine
Tom and Colette can't resist a flutter in the old fire engine

Then I had an art student moment and started taking up close photographs of bits of junk!

Tom found some beautiful toadstools
Tom found some beautiful toadstools
View of burnt island on the way back
View of the Kilcheran isles on the way back

So, as I feared…the school holiday has so far meant little work. Still, I have a child free scheme set up for tomorrow and have talked Colette in to ironing cushion seams in lieu for lunch and good natter.

Posted by:mogwaii

Born: 13th March 1969 in Edinburgh Star sign: Pisces Where do I live? An beautiful island called Lismore Who with? I live with my gorgeous man - Yorick, and my beautiful boys Ruben (currently 14) and Tom (10) and we also have cat poppy, cat Bashy and cat Spyro. What do I do there? Water veggies in the polytunnel, loads of mopping up, picking up clothes, cooking and washing dishes. The rest of the time I'm in a blissfull state in my studio making things out of wool and designing the next must have (in my head!) and a lot of cycling to and fro My favourite Books: Right now...empowerment books like "The power of now" and "The Secret", but also John Fowles "The Magus" and "The kite runner" and I love the "Tao of Poo" My Favourite films: Babettes feast, Wings of desire and The colour of Pomegranites. My favourite music: Bach cello suites for designing, Dolly parton for making (especially her album Little Sparrow), Teddy Thompson and loads of other stuff! What did I do before moving to Lismore? * Went to school in Edinburgh (South Morningside primary then St. Mary's music school and then George Watson's) * Went to Brazil for a year, fell in love, learnt Portuguese and spun a lot of wool * Studied foundation in visual arts in Manchester poly and then went on to study BA Hons in textiles at Goldsmith's college * Made felt hats, sold them at Camden market and then eventualy Liberties and had Ruben in the midst of it all - moved to Pathhead * Tom came along and I stopped making hats. sung lots of Jazz, taught Brazilian and samba singing, recorded an album and started singing with La Boum * Tom went to school and I set up Mogwaii * Moved here in 2006 There you go!! xx Sarah (from left) Ruben, me and Tom (from left) Ruben, me and Tom

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